the future of the web is collaborative and creative,
therefore it must be secure, inclusive, and accessible.

the future is now.

Welcome to the New Dev City Blog!

by Tim Combs | May 3, 2020

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Welcome to New Dev City!

This is my first published blog post and thanks for reading it!

Reasons for the Blog

After a few years working with web and digital technologies in education, development, and the art world I feel like it is time to start sharing my knowledge.

The internet was created by computer scientists to keep communication lines open during a nuclear war.

First internet node at U C L A
First internet node at U C L A - picture from

It quickly became a way for other university researchers to communicate and collaborate over distance. In 1989, the World Wide Web was created and by the end of the 1990s a "Weird Web" flourished, a collection of websites on a huge diversity of topics displaying the love the creators had for the topics and for the medium.

Since then, the web has become more interactive, more colorful, with an explosion of web technologies bringing mobile, animation, and video technologies to the forefront. But it has also been commercialized, losing much of its unique, personal touch. To keep the web vibrant and creative we need to have a web that lets all participate and share in its creation.

For that to work best, we need to feel safe and secure while we create and consume the web. We need to trust that our data is protected and our identities are respected. The future web is Secure, Inclusive, and Accessible for all creative collaborators. AND the future is NOW!

Why call it New Dev City

Well, everyone that creates is a "dev," a developer, a person who takes their ideas and concepts and makes them into reality. Every day, new developers from around the world, from all classes and creeds and ethnicities and genders are pushing a future of technological inclusion by remaking these online communities for a new generation.

This blog will promote these new, cool forms and ways of organizing. Let's take the web over and add the personal back to it.

What I'll Blog About

stock image of linux terminal code
Stock image of linux terminal code - picture from

There will be a lot of posts for new and established web developers:

  • Articles about HTML, CSS, Javascript libraries and frameworks
  • Tips N Tricks - snippets of code, terminal commands, or debugging tools
  • Explanations of web Security & the Internet of Things (IOT)

imageGlenn Research Center Director poses with employees to acknowledge the reception of the J. Cordell Breed Award for Women Leaders, from the Society of Automotive Engineers to a NASA employee
Glenn Research Center employees at a reception for the J. Cordell Breed Award for Women Leaders, from the Society of Automotive Engineers - picture from

I'll cover the social web as well with articles about:

  • Collaboration skills - Agile, SCRUM, and pair and mob programming
  • Resources for learning - time-boxing, impostor syndrome, rubber-ducking
  • Accessibility and Inclusion and what end-users really want

glitched shrooms created by deSolidState

And I'll talk about my love for the intersection of art and code, both on and off the web. Look for posts about:

  • Workflows for real time Video synthesis, feedback, and glitch
  • Art/Code platforms - THREE.js, Pure Data, RaspberryPi, Processing
  • Online bots
  • Specific artists pushing the boundaries or just making really cool stuff
  • and other weird creative technologies that spark my interests

Thanks again for reading this and welcome to New Dev City!

Tags: community